A flexible approach

From 1 day events to staff conferences, we're happy to work with  individuals and whole organisations alike. Specialising in soft skills and behavioural aspects of personal development, n othing is "off the peg". 

It’s all about the learning

On each occasion, we take a fresh practical approach to bring about a real benefit for you and your organisation, and when tempered with our understanding of local issues, our clients reap the best of both worlds. Typical events include: management skills communication team working interpersonal/people skills performance review/appraisal skills coaching and mentoring and so much more.

Is your organisation a learning organisation?

Every organisation employs staff for 2 reasons - their skills and their behaviours.  An effective training intervention is designed to add to, evolve, or change these.  A learning organisation is one that is ready to embrace that change. In addition to our courses, we provide consultancy and mentoring services relating to learning and development, communication and personal behaviours.  Our experience with competency based frameworks have enabled organisations to develop and demonstrate vocational competence amongst the workforce.
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So what’s new

in training?

If we had a penny for

everytime we’ve

been asked this

question we’d have,

well, quite a lot of


Whilst we’ve seen

some real and rapid

changes to


structures, and there

will always be the

next fad just around

the corner, the core

principles of learning

still hold true.

Taking a honest and

pragmatic approach

to each intervention,

the solution may be

closer than you think.